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2 min readDec 21, 2020


Unimex is the first fully-decentralized margin trading platform operating directly on Uniswap — meaning all transactions are processed on-chain.

Users are able to leverage their portfolios to make higher risk / higher reward trades. Unimex will offer varying leverage ranges between 1–5x, depending on the liquidity of the ERC20 token — and quality of the project. On the other end of the transaction, will be the lenders who provide liquidity to UniMex and are given part of the fees that are charged to traders, in return.

What is Margin Trading?

This can initially be a confusing concept, but is really quite simple : it’s a way to increase the potential gains or losses from an investment. It allows you to borrow money to buy assets, while putting up a percentage as collateral to be eaten up if the asset price goes down — but taking any upward price movement as profit with the full investment.

Users can can essentially buy into a coin with upwards of 5x the exposure, with the same amount of money. If the price goes down — you take 5x that loss. If it goes up — you take 5x the profit. Just think of it as multiplying your potential risk / reward, by a factor of 1–5x.

If the concept is still shaky, maybe a video explanation can clear things up :

Why we’re bullish on UMX

  • Platform launched & functional
  • Responsive and professional developers
  • Highly valuable product
  • Margin trading on Uniswap — Untapped market
  • Being integrated into UniDex

For more information on the planform, I highly recommend reading the whitepaper — it’s quite an easy ready, and very informative. Tokenomics & information on the fee structure/disbursements inside. There’s much more to the platforms technical side than I covered in this, so I urge you to dive in, if you’re interested.