Simplified — UniDex

Unidex is the future premier — fully-decentralized — trading platform for the DeFi ecosystem. The project aims to combine all the tools you need to trade at a high level (or as a beginner) into one streamlined platform. Additionally, UniDex is uniquely able to use the best possible liquidity pool (or pools) from any other decentralized exchanges : guaranteeing users the best prices, and lowest slippage, on the market.

The dev is fully doxxed, and the team is partially non-anon, info on them HERE. They have massive ambitions for the project, and are setting their sights to become the hub for crypto trading. Most exciting of all is the focus on flexibility, & platform versatility. The dev team is 100% open to suggestions, and will implement whatever trading tools the community requests.

Additionally, the dev live streams every week @Mrcryptotrading, where he answers community questions in real-time.

Tools (not all implemented, yet) :

  • Price / Liquidity Aggregation : finds the best possible combination of liquidities to make a trade (more info on this later.)
  • Limit Orders
  • Dashboard to manage one’s tokens / LP pairs, and to track prices
  • Token lending / borrowing
  • Margin trading (in collaboration with UniMex)
  • Options trading
  • Leveraged tokens (through X2 protocol, in collaboration with XVIX)
  • Social Trading

That platform is totally flexible, and more tools can be added as seen fit, or when new opportunities arise. But, as you can see, UniDex will be — by far — the most comprehensive decentralized exchange to date.

Unidex Liquidity

One of the major innovations — of UniDex — is the liquidity system for trades on the platform. When you make a trade : your token will pull liquidity from the best pool (or combine multiple pools from different exchanges) to always make sure users receive the highest possible price for their trades.

Let’s imagine a coin that is trading across multiple exchanges, but liquidity is low on each. Swapping this token on one, might result in massive losses due to price slippage. Using UniDex, you will automatically sell across all available liquidity sources — guaranteeing the best possible return on the swap, with the lowest slippage.

There is currently around $4 billion of liquidity locked across DeFi, UniDex allows you access to nearly all of it. Additionally, UniDex is flexible, and liquidity sources can be added dynamically — meaning that, truly, it will be the last trading platform you ever need.

UniDex Token Utility

  • Governance
  • Holders will be dispersed a percentage of all transaction fees from the platform
  • Gain access to a tiered discount on trades, based on the amount held

The Unidex platform is currently in a closed beta, with constant updates rolling in. This month however, there will be a public release — date still to be announced.

For now, buy on uniswap , check the chart on dextools, or watch on coingecko



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