Simplified : Rocket Vault Finance

The Rocket Vault Finance platform offers a vault system that consistently pays out over 100 APY (Annual Percentage Yield), in stable-coins. Since RVF distributes stable-coins, the price of your investment won’t continuously fall with inflation of the supply — all tokens will be already minted upon launch.

There will be two types of services : a traditional vault system, and, starting February, a VAAS (Vault-as-a-service) system. In the traditional version, you simply must hold 50 tokens to use the vault, which will pay out profits quarterly. In the VAAS, you will pay a % fee (with a minimum) quarterly, but will have more access to your funds and profits will automatically compound. The latter service is geared more towards institutional investors, whereas the traditional version is more for individual investors.

Why we’re bullish on $RVF

  • Un-rivaled APY with stable-coins.
  • Massive market for this service
  • Responsive developers
  • Pre-sale is reasonable
  • Product built, and ready to be seen by the public. (view it running here, public beta in January)

Competition compared


  • Market Cap (at launch) : ~$1,500,000
  • APY (USDT) : 100%+


  • Market Cap : ~$686,000,00
  • APY (USDT) : ~10%


  • Market Cap : ~$56,000,000
  • APY (USDT) : ~2.5%

Of course, YFI & YFII aren’t only vaults — but this gives you an idea of the value of RVF in the market.


This is always a major concern in the Crypto sphere, especially with projects that offer so much potential. The team is publicly anonymous. That said : Uniswap Detective has privately made contact with the project lead.

You can judge for yourself, I will share what he’s managed to see :

  • Passport
  • LinkedIn (received a message response)
  • Facebook (received a message response)
  • Scheduled video call on December 24th, one day before the AMA.

As far as we can see : everything is legitimate. You can also tell, from the responses in the Telegram chat, that the team lead knows what he’s talking about. He’s personally gained a lot of trust from us, but of course — we should always be vigilant when investing in crypto.


  • Total Supply: 100,000
  • Token Sale: 40,500
  • Uniswap liquidity: 5,000 (locked for 1 yr)
  • Marketing: 10,000
  • Dev: 34,500 (locked for 3 months)
  • Team: 10,000 (locked for 6 months)


Whitelist registration open for pre sale, here

Pre-Sale on 1 Jan 2021 @ 14.00 UTC
- 600 ETH hardcap — 1 ETH = 20 $RVF
- Min. 0.2 ETH, Max. 20 ETH
-50% of the initial investment will be refunded to pre-sale buyers, based on vault performance — this is in addition to the 66% increase in token value at listing. Details in the medium.

Public Sale: After public beta in January 2021.
- 1900 ETH hardcap — 1 ETH = 15 $RVF
- No Min. & No Max.
- Unsold tokens will be locked for 6 months, then used for development.

Uniswap listing: 1 ETH = 12 $RVF
(After public sale)

For a more in-depth understanding of the technology, I encourage you to dive into the whitepaper or hop onto their Telegram.

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