Simplified : Ricochet Space

Ricochet ($RICO) is a Reflect Finance fork, done by a trustworthy developer. 100% of the pre-sale funds were (will be) added to liquidity, and locked via Unicrypt. Ricochet Finance stars with a 10% “black hole” — thus accumulating tokens faster, and more quickly removing tokens from circulation. Additionally, there is a 2% fee added on every transaction, up from the original 1%.

What is the Reflect Finance model?

As simply as possible : the reflect finance model is a way of generating gasless yields for all holders. On every transaction, a fee will be charged and then distributed evenly to all holders — based on the proportion of total tokens held.

However, there is a “black hole” wallet that starts with a large proportion of the supply, and effectively removes any fees accumulated from circulation — providing a constant downward pressure on supply.

What makes Ricochet Space unique?

  • 2% transaction fee, as opposed to a 1%
  • Starting with 10% of supply in the “black hole”, instead of 5%
  • Fair pre-sale : 1eth cap, 100% of funds locked into liquidity.
  • only 2% of supply for the dev.
  • No paid shillers
  • 15% of the supply allocated for partnerships/ dual yields and long term suitability



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