Simplified : DEBASE

DEBASE is a decentralized algorithmically controlled stable-coin that has it’s sights on becoming crypto’s new go-to stable-coin. Instead of stabilizing via a collateral or by backing the currency with FIAT — DEBASE uses rebasing mechanics & a novel concept : stabilizer pools (more on these later.) This allows DEBASE to be more resistant to market-shocks that might affect collateral backed stable-coins, and avoid the regulation, and centralization, necessary for FIAT backed coins.

Currently, DEBASE has a target price of $1, every day at 11.00 UTC, the coin will rebase dynamically, based on the current price. This means that the supply will increase or decrease, depending on if the price is above or below the target. Whenever you buy into DEBASE, you are buying a percentage of the total market capitalization. Thus, if you own 1% of the supply, you will always own that 1% — even if the amount of tokens, in your wallet, changes day-to-day.

[for more information on rebasing, click here :]

DEGOV & Stabilizer Pools

One of the major strengths of DEBASE is it’s complete decentralization and robust governance system. DEGOV holders (the ecosystem’s governance token) can alter many variables regarding the protocol.

Stabilizer pools are one of the primary things that DEGOV can create / alter. Compared to DEBASE’s primary competitor, $AMPL, these pools are the decisive difference — an innovation building upon the $AMPL concept. Stabilizer pools are custom, and dynamic, systems that are used to push the price in a necessary direction, or to incentivize behavior that is positive for stabilization.

There are two forms of “s-pools” — active and passive :

  • passive : pools with no active stabilization method. Instead it’s somewhere that people can stake their DEBASE, to stabilize the price & occasionally receive rewards (as an example.)
  • active : these pools can be many different things, but are defined by some sort of active process. DEGOV holders can create these, as they see fit in order to stabilize the price. An example would be a pool that acts as yield vault, and uses the profits to market buy DEBASE tokens.

In short, these pools add for a new (and expandable) toolset to stabilize token price — simply rebasing the price isn’t enough.

DEGOV parameters.

Why we’re bullish on DEBASE

  • Market capitalization is only 2,5% of $AMPL (it’s competitor)
  • Active & motivated dev team
  • Incredibly safe (un-ruggable)
  • Dynamic stabilization through s-pools allow for experimentation
  • Complete decentralization (this is crypto, after all)
  • Huge, and totally attainable, ambitions.
Market Cap of DEBASE and it’s competitors

Why do we need a stable-coin at all?

Imagine pricing something in Ethereum — you’d have to be constantly adjusting the price. Whereas, if you price something in a rebasing stable-coin : you could confidently leave the price the same, knowing you’ll be receiving the same value every time (assuming the price is successfully controlled.)

In general, crypto-currencies “suffer” from volatility and can turn off people who are looking for safe store of money. Rebasing with the combination of stabilizer pools are meant to rectify this apparent problem — all while remaining completely decentralized & true to the idea of defi.




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