Introduction : TCore

TCORE is a deflationary farming project, forked from cVault (CORE) source code. However, this isn’t just a simple fork — there have been many changes that build atop the already brilliant foundation of the original CORE. These changes maximize profits for Vault and Pool users, and the protocol will be continuously developed & improved for the benefit of investors.


By staking into either the Vault or Pool, you are permanently locking your tokens into TCORE liquidity. Once locked, you will start benefiting from your respective pool :

To enter the vault, you must add TCORE LP (half TCORE, half Ethereum.) Once you’ve entered — you’ll receive a share of a 1,5% tax that is applied to every transaction of TCORE. Your allocation of the tax profits, paid in native tokens, will be based on the percentage of the LP you’ve contributed to the overall Vault.

One you create LP, it will be permanently added to TCORE liquidity — but can be unstaked and sold privately. Also worth noting : 20% of the total TCORE supply was locked into the vault during the LGE.

Investors can enter the pool by staking TCORE + DAI tokens together into TCORE liquidity. Once done, they will begin receiving interest from a variety of profit strategy pools — which will be created & perfected over time.

The interest earned by pool strategies will be used to market-buy TCORE, and distributed to the investors who are staked. Thus, providing constant upward pressure on the price.

Why you should be bullish

  • Non-inflationary
  • Ecosystem is adaptable, able to add products that benefit holders
  • Decentralized governance
  • No big team wallets
  • Permanently locked liquidity — which is increasing
  • Large backing
  • Dedicated development team
  • Public lead developer
  • 6000 max supply (can’t be increased)

Token Metrics

Initially, the TCORE contract allowed for 10000 tokens. 7000 were minted, but 1000 were lost during this. To relinquish minting abilities, the dev burned the remaining 3000 tokens — thus making the total supply possible 6000.

Proof of burn:

This was done to preserve the non-inflationary aspect of TCORE.


Being a completely decentralized project : the developer has no ultimate power. Decisions are made through community governance, using TCORE tokens.

This means that by holding TCORE tokens, you have governance capabilities, which can be used to :

  • Adding new, or deleting, existing vaults.
  • Altering Fees and penalties.
  • Funding different developments, community initiatives and marketing.
  • Deploying different automated yield strategies.


Being a fully-decentralized project — the team consists of various people. However, the lead developer is Pierre Bouvier (aka Corpse), who is non-anon. LinkedIn below :


The TCORE smart contracts have been verified for all to see on Etherscan and are added to the Github repository.

The TCORE contracts have been partially audited by TechRate and you can view the audit here. A second full audit will follow soon.




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