AMA Recap — Tokémon

Section 1 : Selective Questions

Uniswap Detective :
Hey, welcome @SimbadOnChains & (hopefully) @a_unown! Congratulations on the successful launch.

That pre-sale was insane, and the project has gotten much more attention than I think any of us imagined. Nearly 6 million in daily volume, and held strong at the top of Dextools for quite a while.

So, before we begin : how are you feeling about the launch right now?

Simbad Chains :
hi everybody, pleased do to ama here, this is a great community

I really don’t know what I feel about the launch, when I opened the contract on etherscan, I saw plenty of dangling transactions and plenty of reverted ones, panicked, opened one successful to see what’s happening — it was ok, went back to the contract and saw a balance of 300 eth. Needed a couple seconds to realize it was finished, so I’m pretty amazed.

Uniswap Detective :
Anyway, it looks like the price has stabilized quite nicely @ $300 even with a volatile beginning. :) Anyway, let’s dive into things :

Q1) First, can you give us a super brief overview of the Tokemon platform?

Simbad Chains :

It started as insights platform, a community we’re in were asking for tools to find gems, low mc, early projects. . . then, with the volatility of uniswap, we saw the need for a trading bot, at least a stop loss bot, and got the idea to combine those two. so, the platform became a place for common things you’d need — all of the features are something we needed at one common place, easy to reach and ubiqituous to use.

Uniswap Detective :
Yea! So it basically turns Telegram into a one-stop-shop for most crypto needs by combining an insights platform to make it easy to find new projects + you can execute trades right from Telegram as well.

Essentially, a trading insight aggregator, and also trading bot? All usable via Telegram?

Simbad Chains :
yes, telegram — the tool we all use for crypto daily!

we incorporated everything in one telegram bot, well almost everything, the website is still here for quick settings

Uniswap Detective :
A great use case as it’s very hard to keep track of everything on multiple platforms to manage your time and most of the crypto community lives on Telegram so really convenient as well.


Q2) What features are currently implemented on the platform, and what’s the timeline for future features?

Simbad Chains :
I’ll be following THIS page to answer the question:

what works —

  • Uniswap insights : from each mined block we get the uniswap transactions and extract the sentiment. We use the personalized config for insights, and forward the sentiment about traded tokens to users directly.
  • We added a social element : following you favorite crypto people is hard in big groups, so we thought we can aggregate chats from your favorite people in groups you choose, and get those chats directly in your tg
  • As proof of concept for the trading bots — we implemented stop loss algorithm.

that’s all tested and works for weeks now

what’s in progress and yet to be published to prod —

  • Token whitelisting/blacklisting for the insights: we know that you may not want to be bothered about every token, so you may say ignore everything and send me only these whitelisted tokens; or you can say send me everything except these blacklisted tokens
  • Whale notifications: you’ll be able to set a personalized threshold of a whale transaction, and get notified when a transaction on uniswap goes over that transaction
  • Continuing the social aspect: we’re implementing twitter aggregation — same as the telegram following.
  • There’s the wallet monitoring tool : you can set a wallet address and pick what action you want to be notified on — be it a transaction, a contract deployed (yearn deployer haha) or something else

future plans —

  • sushiswap support — so everything that works for uniswap would work for sushiswap.
  • trading through telegram bot — just send a message to the bot or reply to a message from the bot to make a trade\
  • mempool insights — get sentiment for the ethereum transactions before they happen
  • and last, a thing that I love mostly, regression testing your trading bot configs :with this, you can use our historic data on the tokens, set your bot and try the setting on, let’s sat, the past week.

timeline —

  • token whitelist/blacklist 1/2 week
  • whale notifications 1/2 week
  • all trading bot algorithms 2 weeks
  • twitter following 2 weeks
  • sushiswap 2 weeks
  • telegram trading 2 weeks
  • mempool 2 weeks
  • regression tests 2 weeks

of course, we all know that estimation is hard

Uniswap Detective :
Wow ok, thanks for the in depth overview🔥

A huge amount of functions already working very well on the platform and we had plenty of really positive feedback from others who had tested them prior and are using it now as well.

It really sounds like it’s far more flexible to configure it for what works best for the user, test multiple strategies out and again all from Telegram so very convenient

Now it’s a case of continuously adding more features for more utility and fine tuning, so plenty to look forward to in those future plans as that roadmap is huge but all coming up in the next few weeks

Q3) Before going into the really unique features of tokemon (the insight feeds, namely), can you tell us how you’ve integrated trading bot functionality into Telegram?

Simbad Chains :
telegram is really cool, they have amazing api and telegram bot features, so the trading bot functionality is nothing else but parsing commands from the user. just like saying to rose to ban somebody by replying his message : so it would work by a reply, or by a bot action — like the actions you used to login to tokemon bot.

Uniswap Detective :
Ok, do you envision being able to manage all of your crypto trading activity from Telegram alone?

Simbad Chains :
the tech is there, it’s a really good question if we should. have you experienced making a transaction on binance, you got tons of captchas, verification codes and emails? and that’s needed to preserve security. if you think your telegram is secure enough — trade away, maybe telegram is the next metamask.

Uniswap Detective :
So it’s a case of if we believe TG is secure enough but the tech is there. Interesting!

One thing many ask is if it will have access to my private key? How can I know it’s safe?

Simbad Chains :
as with everything in crypto — code is law; that’s why I love blockchain — it doesn’t lie. so, we’ve put the client code on github, you can see the link in the pinned message in tokemon group. you’ll see that it reads locally your private key and makes the transactions.

our server code just relays information what to trade — just uniswap (and later sushiswap) we can’t send an order to extract eth or make arbitrary transaction.

Q4) Okay, now let’s talk about the insights. What sort of insights can I receive? And how configurable are these insights?

A Unknown :
There are various insights that can be received, but the most important ones are: token price increase/decrease at a given time interval, token reaching certain threshold, whale notifications etc.. The platform is designed to be very flexible, thus the users can configure this metrics by themselves

For example the users can configure the minimum amount of token holders, time intervals, price targets, price increases in percentages, minimum liquidity

Uniswap Detective :
Great, a huge amount flexibility for the users to configure. I think that’s really lacking in every other bot that I have seen to date.

A Unknown :
we’re trying to make it easy for the users to use it, and really a tool that can serve them well

Uniswap Detective :
Yea flexibility and being easy to use is key in this space. Many bots seem very daunting to use and due to this they simply won’t be adopted.

Q5) This all sounds great. You have a really stacked roadmap which you went over. . . How long do you think until the platform is fully functional?

A Unknown :
We expect to finish and deliver everything from what we’ve promised in the next 2–3 months. The platform is functional already, just there are few more features that we’re working on.

However we expect to add even more features on top of the planned ones as there are many possibilities.

We’re also open for suggestions from the community

Uniswap Detective :
Feedback is always important of course, what’s the best way for the community to provide this?

A Unknown:
The community can either message us directly though telegram or twitter, or they can post their ideas at our public telegram group too. We’ve already received feedback from few users

Also we might organize polls/voting as we expect the amount of requests to be huge

Uniswap Detective :
With more users being onboarded, I’m sure there will be more ideas floating around which you can look to implement. As you say, it’s very flexible so the options are very broad.

Q6) Okay, before we move onto the last question : let’s talk about development. How long has Tokemon been under construction, what sort of expertise does it have behind it, and how many team members are there?

A Unknown :
Tokemon has been under construction since September 2020. We’ve worked on deploying a microservice backend infrastructure, brainstorm and develop trading strategies, optimize insights, analysis and parsing algorithms. We’re a team of 4 experienced software engineers. 2 of us are the founders, me and Simbad, the other two are regular developers, without access to the core infrastructure.

Uniswap Detective :
A long time in the making and a sizeable team of 4 software engineers but only you and Simbad have access to the core infrastructure.

And everyone is anonymous? What’s your reason to stay anon, and what can you say to ensure investors the token is un-ruggable?

A Unknown :
Right, that’s a reasonable and quite important question for our community

We’ve locked the liquidity on Uniswap and also locked the dev tokens. Our goal is to make this project #1 in it’s category by developing new features and providing value to the community. Although this is our first popular crypto related project as an anon team, we don’t plan to stop here and are planning to launch more projects in the future. We try to think long term for this and the projects to come. Rug pulling would be short sighted vision

about the anon question, we’ve decided to stay anon because most of us are at very high positions in our current daily jobs, working for silicon valley startups. We wouldn’t like the crypto spotlight on us at this moment, although we’re hardcore believers

Uniswap Detective :
Wow, so this is just the start of a larger ecosystem.. Seeing how well thought out Tokemon has been developed, I know the community will be looking forward to hearing about this, although one step at a time.

The reasoning makes sense and just so everyone is aware, The Selective has done a personal KYC with Simbad to ensure further safety. (done by @crypto_mission)

Q7) Okay finally : how do we gain access to the bot? What are the available access plans? How do I set up the bot to interact with Telegram?

A Unknown :
For accessing the bot you need to be a token holder of the TKMN token. We’ve defined few plans to make it more flexible for the users

The plans are described in more details on our website (

the plan options

Uniswap Detective :
Alright perfect, so a number of plans to suit users and traders depending on the configuration/usability they require and their budget 👌

A Unkown :
Setting up the bot is really simple. You need to download the bot client from our public github repo, list your accounts in the downloaded file (this is only on your side, nothing from your data is sent online), setup a configuration on the platform and you’re good to go

Uniswap Detective :
Great, sounds easy enough and I will be setting up my bot today which I’m looking forward to. Ok, we have covered a lot but I will open up the group to see if the community has any further questions whilst you’re here in just a couple minutes

Section 2 : Community Questions

Q1) When will How To guides be coming to using the platform?

Simbad Chains :
preparing docs for everything that’s out currently, and in parallel for all the new things that will come out weekly

Q2) Any plans to allow subscribers with paying a monthly fee? Will 5000 be the most coins in circulation?

Simbad Chains :
number of tokens is fixed, they were minted at contract creation — no more tokens can be minted; subscription based plan was thought of, but now it’s tokenized plan

Q3) Could we have a feature to monitor a telegram username in several groups not only one ?

Simbad Chains :
yes, just enter that user multiple times with the different groups


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