AMA Recap : GSC on Greek Tokens

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11 min readJul 2, 2021


The interview will be broken down into three sections :

  1. Main interview
  2. Quick-fire questions
  3. Audience Questions

Main Interview

Samuel Reid :
Hello everyone! My name is Samuel Reid, CEO of Geometric Energy Corporation, and its subsidiary companies GeometricLabs and Geometric Space. Thanks for the opportunity to discuss our projects we have going on at Geometric! We’ve been transitioning out of stealth, with this AMA as a main first public appearance!

Question 1 :
Let’s start off by talking about GSC — why did you start it, and what can you tell us about GSC & its mission/ethos?

Samuel Reid :
Geometric Space was founded in June 2019 to expand our company group into the space industry in a more fully fledged manner such that we have a wholly owned subsidiary company focused on space mission design services and payload integration, as well as re-selling launch service provider upmass such as from SpaceX.

The main goal of Geometric Space is to achieve an interplanetary civilization within the next decade.

Mission :
Interesting. Within the next decade even, wow. What do you feel is important about making life multi-planetary, what about this inspires you, and how do your current projects advance this goal?

Samuel Reid :
Humanity must pass the Great Filter. We owe it to a long line of generations before us and the culmination of evolution to not let this Era pass us by with mass extinction. We need to transcend to a type I civilization IMMEDIATELY. Everything within my power to achieve this is the purpose of my life. I want to see humanity unified through the overview effect, brought together by space advertising, and united in exploring the stars! I want to inspire the public that we have not given up on our dreams.

Mission :
Great ! Glad to have people like you out in the world. I admire the drive and passion, truly.

Question 2 :
Everyone knows why we’re here . . . to discuss the Greek tokens: Gamma, Kappa, Beta, Rho and Xi and the mission in which these utility tokens will be put to use. So, firstly, can you tell us a bit about the Cubesat mission?

Samuel Reid :
To help clarify, there are actually two (at least) distinct launches which will occur related to these tokens, DOGE-1 to the moon in Q1 2022 and Geometric-1 to SSO (sun synchronous orbit, a type of low earth orbit). We intend to have the display screen on the side of both the moon sat and the earth orbit sat(s). There is just one satellite launching to the moon, and there are 12 to earth orbit (of which some of the 12 are unrelated to this project and just our regular space customers not affiliated to any DeFi matter such as e.g., Defense Technology Innovation Program, which deals in partnership with OUSD). Geometric will let you claim these tokens for location, luminosity, color, over an amount of time. Imagine Drawball or Satoshi’s place on satellites, a Nascar logo branding type experience for those who wish to advertise!

Mission :
Understood. So you’ve already finalized a deal with SpaceX? & was it really paid in DOGE?

Samuel Reid :
Note that it’s called DOGE-1 and Geometric-1. So, this implies we seek one day for a -2… yes we paid SpaceX in full with DOGE, and it was many millions of dollars in fiat value I already paid prior to feeling comfortable to offer these tokens to the public as I was only willing to do so with a SpaceX LSA (launch service agreement) truly completed and funded to ensure legitimacy and reality of the entire project.

Mission :
Ah, alpha drop. Looking forward to further launches then :)

How is working with SpaceX? Anything interesting or that surprised you? (Aside from paying in a memecoin for satellite launches)?

Samuel Reid :
Working with SpaceX is the biggest honour of my life, and one of the things that has surprised me is how chill and cool everyone is. It’s fun. You’d think perhaps it’s only serious business, but when you’re doing space missions for the lulz and more, you’re going to have a good time. :)

Mission :
Impossible not to be fun when paying with doge lol. First a Jamaican bob-sled team, then Nascar, and now a satellite. What a world.

As I understand it in broad terms, in regards to token-utility on the cubesat, $BETA controls the X axis, $RHO controls Y axis, $GAMMA controls brightness, $KAPPA controls color, and $XI controls display time on the cubesat. Is that generally correct?

Samuel Reid :
KAPPA controls color, and yes thats correct generally. Although XI pays for the time that your (BETA,RHO,KAPPA,GAMMA) pairing is displayed for. Not a clock on the sat. It’s like air time of the ad.

Question 3 :
Could you elaborate on the implementation in regards to how much space/pixels the average 5-token holder will control? How many of each token is used to modify their given variables? Help me out here lol

Samuel Reid :
So, for an amount of time XI, your (X,Y,color,brightness) pair is displayed to clarify. Not sure about an average holder to be honest. But without many tokens you will be only able to depict a small pixel art figure likely. With good resolution or a larger image you would need more tokens.

Very simple thought experiment. If you want half the ad space, you’re going to need to get half the beta and half the rho and use those to claim half the locations.

There will be technical documentation released regarding formulas for pro-rata ratios of the size of the display ad (contingent upon Critical Design Review pass in mission management), to normalize the ratios, as well as for brightness and color, dependent upon the extent to which we can have luminosity ranges or what color schema.

A front-end claim system will be released where a holder can use their tokens to assign the location and brightness and color on the display. I hope that gives enough detail for now.

Mission :
Yeah, and we can wait for the documentation for any further info.

Question 4 :
Something that struck me: how will images (or potential images) be vetted/curated? And who will be in charge of this? Is it “majority rules”? Will there be a governing DAO? I can think of some not-so-appropriate things that could be stuck on there and live-streamed all over the world.

Samuel Reid :
It is possible that someone will spend money to depict something inappropriate, and dependent upon the extent of the inappropriateness we may need to introduce censorship measures, but I’ve not been legally required to do that yet and won’t unless I’ve been legally advised I must. Such as blurring out an aspect of the livestream or full on emergency terminate the display. There is no curation and it is as decentralized as drawball or satoshis place is. I hope people wouldn’t waste money on being offensive or inappropriate in ways that yield further issues in this regard.

Question 5 :
Next, Xi, what’s this all about? It’s somewhat understood that it translates to the amount of time an image will be spent be on the display. Is this a burn mechanism? This one is the most mysterious as it was added the most recently, care to fully clear things up?

Samuel Reid :
XI has multiple utilities:

  • To purchase time on satellite advertising with Geometric (on DOGE-1 and Geometric-1)
  • Rewards for open math problems (e.g. Millennium problems I match any solution with 1,000,000 XI)
  • Utility for a metaoracle, which follows a commit-reveal scheme to compare answers of oracles with an oracle arbiter to financially incentivize decentralized epistemic certainty. E.g. I ask what temperature it will be on July 30th at the Calgary Tower at Noon Mountain time. I set up a metaoracle to ask this question and offer XI as rewards. Oracles then submit answers (which whoever set up the metaoracle is privy to prior to the reveal), and are rewarded based on how correctly and how well in advance they provided data. For the temperature/location/time use case there will be SATCOM data reporting for the oracle arbiters to ensure physical alignment with reality.

Mission :
That clears up my next question, which was from Chico Crypto. So there you go, Tyler.

Thanks for that. All sounding really great.

Question 6 :
Now, walk us through the utility of these tokens. How will they translate into imagery, I know you touched on it before, but maybe there’s more to it? What’s the process going to be like on a purely technical level?

Samuel Reid :
Connect wallet. Choose X and Y coordinate if you have enough BETA and RHO. Choose color dependent upon your KAPPA claim. Choose brightness dependent upon your GAMMA claim. Pay in an amount of XI for it to have duration.

UX will be a holder of the tokens going to the website and seeing essentially a game of polyomino Tetris where they can compete for exposure.

UX on the metaoracle is for you to either ask a question or provide data, if you ask a question it takes you to the interface for preparing a metaoracle, if you provide data you see the list of metaoracles to attempt to respond to. Then further user options for how to submit data dependent upon hardware/software and utility exemplified, e.g. which temperature or SATCOM situation.

Mission :
Sounds incredible, honestly. Excited to see all of this. . . which leads me to. . .

Question 7 :
Before we move onto the quick-fire question round : how & when will be able to see the launch? How about the livestream?

Samuel Reid :
The public may view either launch at Cape Canaveral in person, and it will be livestreamed by SpaceX. The in space livestream will transmit data to ground control which will be viewable on a website for the public.

Mission :
Also, something I saw : Pointblank tweeted a response to this earlier, mentioning an 8k, 360 degree view. I would imagine this will be spectacular, especially if you can see the Earth in the background and your image in the foreground on display.

Samuel Reid :
POINTBLANK had 2x6U CubeSats on Geometric-1 for which is the payload you described there. Indeed, we hope this is an amazing experience for all to have decentralization of the Overview Effect, and democratize access to collective consciousness upgrading

Quick-fire Questions

1. I know you work with talented devs. Do you have any plans for an impartial 3rd party audit?

Samuel Reid :
We have not yet conducted an audit, however, I’ve recently promised the community to do so, as it would be in everyone’s best interest for improved quality assurance and quality control.

2. I’ve noticed liquidity is low. Is that intentional or do you plan on adding liquidity once the project becomes more known?

Samuel Reid :
Geometric will observe and not comment on price or liquidity due to their nature as utility tokens, as we maintain that THERE ARE NO EXPECTATIONS OF PROFITS FROM BETA, RHO, KAPPA, GAMMA, XI, including no expectation of Capital appreciation and no expectation of participation in earnings, and no fixed rate of return (SEC v. Edwards, 540 U.S. 389 (2004)).

3. Will tokens be burnt upon usage?

Samuel Reid :
The tokens will not be burnt, but rather, redeemed by Geometric, for us to allow further circulation/distribution as the project progresses to the -2 mission series.

4. Can you speak about any partnerships, pending or in the future?

Samuel Reid :
Geometric will announce future deals and partnerships when truly confirmed in a PR, however I can mention for now that Geometric is engaging with SkyWave Mobile Communications (subsidiary of NASDAQ: ORBC) for SATCOM hardware development to have oracle data reporting through Inmarsat with Orbcomm. There is another well known SATCOM provider we are discussing with to see if we can have both options as well. Furthermore, Wen-Parker Logistics and Geometric intend to demonstrate supply chain applications for oracle data reporting of temperature/time/location with SATCOM terminals. There will be matters with Kepler Aerospace to announce eventually.

5. In regards to the team, are there team tokens? Vested tokens? If so, is there a plan for distribution that holders should be aware of?

Samuel Reid :
There are no vested tokens, and the addresses on Etherscan display publicly the holders. There is no further intended distribution beyond introducing Renaswap pairs, or when XI rewards are disbursed.

6. Does GSC have a roadmap that you care to share with us?

Samuel Reid :
Earth Orbit.

7. Why the varying supplies?

Samuel Reid :
There were a variety of reasons yielding what happened and the reasons for varying supplies of somewhat similar corresponding utility (position is similar for beta/rho), labels (color/brightness) on position is similar (gamma/kappa), and XI as time and other utility caused them to essentially be in three separate categories:




Final Question : what do you foresee as the real future of IT infrastructure in orbit? Is there a major future of blockchain that is run on orbital nodes?

Samuel Reid :
I predict that DLT will be pervasive throughout the solar system. Wouldn’t it be great to have an eventually correct asymptotically precise time reporting system across the solar system? A solar system clock. I see that as a future of necessity like how the US Navy runs the time right now. This will get decentralized and into space. Nodes will be required at various orbits and planets. I foresee an interplanetary internet of things requiring far beyond the discussed technology at hand.

Audience Questions

Audience Question 1 :
these tokens seem to be on going through multiple projects so you can buy them and not use them on the 1st round of missions but hold them for a later date for another mission or is that not correct??

Samuel Reid :
Only tokens which claim for either DOGE-1 or Geometric-1 will be used by the user claiming them. If someone wants to hold for an alleged MAYBE DOGE-2 or MAYBE Geometric-2 (these are not signed LSAs yet) they could choose to do so. I expect some people may ever die holding these so circulation necessarily decreases over time due to death.

Audience Question 2 :
Are you involved in howtobuildaspaceship?

Samuel Reid :

Audience Question 3 :
Will in any way something be seen from earth? or will everything be through the live feed?

Samuel Reid :
No. It’s against UNOOSA law to display an ad in space viewable from the ground. That’s why we did it this way.

Audience Question 4 :
What is Anaxx Lab? And is cardano part of doge mission / space coins?

Why Anaxx labs retweeting cardano posts?

Samuel Reid :
Anaxx Labs is a community collaborator that took interest in the tolens and we think well of them. Not sure about their Twitter activity. Don’t jump to any conclusions or infer anything there.

Audience Question 5 :
When can customers start booking advertisements and what are the NFT design specs ?

Samuel Reid :
The front end claim system will be released at some point over this quarter or next quarter. We are working on ASAP this year. You will be able to claim far before any launch happens.

Audience Question 6 :
There have been many rumours and one hooked me the most.
Can u confirm or explain the relationship to the how to build a spaceship organisation and talk about the plans of lunarstation on the moon/ vr controlled robots on mars etc.?:)

Samuel Reid :
No clue. I’m planning to help make a moon Base and a Mars base though.

Audience Question 7 :
An extra question related to this.. will there be marketing to big instutitions or companys ?

Samuel Reid :
There is no plan for targeted marketing or pitches to large companies or organization, our plan is based on organic inbound interest and that the meritocracy of the idea speaks for itself to garnish interest.

Audience Question 8 :
Any partnerships with other crypto projects on the horizon?

Samuel Reid :
ITS and RENA are the only other crypto projects we are working in relation to right now, other than perhaps considering DOGE, as I hope to have DOGE pairings with the tokens eventually.

Audience Question 9 :
If Institutionals and other orgs. wanted to contact you about the Greeks would you be avaliable?

Samuel Reid :