AMA Recap: Knut Robillard from SWISS Finance

We are happy to announce our AMA session with SWISS Finance and Knut Robillard I know you’re running on a tight schedule so thank you for making time for the community!

Section 1: The Selective Questions

Alright, let’s begin with the first question…

Q1) I’m going to spare the initial pleasantries and get to the first question that everyone wants to know regarding $SWISS: what happened with the launch?

Very good question, so we all know that there is a problem with bot snipping the launch on Uniswap. We had put a purchase limit to avoid them, and we wanted our dev to be able to test before. And there was a fake contract that circulated at the same time and a lot of people got scammed.

Uniswap Detective:
Ok, so it wasn’t something done internally by a member of the team? Everyone in the channel was a bit shocked, as we were very bullish on the project prior to the launch and it was hard to get a clear picture of what happened right away.

I have personally started the investigation with the police to find him.

Uniswap Detective:
I mean I see that very often and it's frustrating. A bot will come in, snipe 5–10% of the supply on launch and it makes it very hard for real investors to get in at an early price.

We didn’t want to miss the launch at all, but unfortunately, it will be like that and we are extremely sad. The bots destroy the crypto…

Uniswap Detective:
We have to do our best to stop them but the space we are in is still growing and evolving so there will be teething issues of course.

Q2) Alright, now that we got that cleared up, would you mind giving everyone a brief overview of $SWISS and what the project hopes to accomplish? For example: what separates $SWISS from other farming tokens.

SWISS has a limited supply compared to a lot of other farming tokens, we have a 3% fee for our robos to buy with a convergence price, the formula is in the WP

SWISS is an ERC20 token, fully developed by the team. His contract is therefore unique. SWISS is a farming protocol implementing liquidity and price arbitrages features in its own ecosystem thanks to new concepts such as
Proof of Volume.

SWISS allows users to farm while the protocol arbitrates in price and liquidity for the ecosystem to grow to make it not only a deflationary farming platform but also delivering exponential growth to the ecosystem.
It is, therefore, a farming token which also benefits from its own farming platform, whose contract has also been
fully developed.

The ecosystem supports the basic concepts of farming as well as new ideas, in particular, the implementation of proof of volume and contracts in certain wallets for an automatic purchase when the SWISS price
falls below the convergence price.

Uniswap Detective:
Thanks for the explanation, it really seems you have a unique model as I said the majority of farming projects die off due to poor token metrics as I’m sure we all know. That leads me to my next question.

Q3) Something that plagues most farming tokens is a constant decrease in price as high APY yields get dumped onto the market; $SWISS has a novel way of addressing this with Proof of Volume — what is PoV and how does it address the problem in simple terms? Does anything else help to safeguard against a falling token value over time?

Proof of volume is a unique and new concept in the world of DeFi, implemented for the first time in SWISS. It implements arbitrage functions in the SWISS protocol, therefore constantly increasing its value.

Each time a user buys or sells SWISS, 3% is withdrawn in the form of SWISS and put back into two wallets (2% and 1%) that arbitrages automatically. These funds help to support the SWISS ecosystem in particular through the addition of liquidity as explained below.

When the price is below the convergence price, half of the funds collected by the portfolio are used to buy SWISS and then puts it automatically in liquidity with the other half of the remaining ETH in the wallet. This allows the price
and liquidity to grow sustainably.

Uniswap Detective:
Very interesting. It seems like SWISS is setting itself apart from most other farming projects due to the long-term price sustainability of not just the price but also the liquidity which has been well thought out. So basically the accumulation sells over time, and then Expansion boosts the price whenever is has a dip, all while pumping liquidity. Clever.


Uniswap Detective:
One of the main reasons I’m excited for SWISS is because you guys are non-anon and also have a great track record with some serious backing.

Q4) So, it’s my understanding that $SWISS is the second project that you’ve worked on, can you explain to us a bit about what separates $SWISS from your previous project and how they may even benefit from each other — $DESH?

DESH is a unique project, a stake on which a lot of other projects like $SWISS can hang. DESH which has made 30'000% since the beginning and that at its launch, the same thing for $SWISS which is more access on farming, swap ect..

Uniswap Detective:
Yes, I saw the DESH chart…30,000% from launch is impressive to say the least. Your team also has some major backers, can you touch on this?

Yes DESH is also connected to world finance, on which we have an algorithm that manages purchasing positions for maximum profitability. And yes with Thiago we have gained a lot of experience with the DESH project.

Q5) So, as we can already see, by the fact that we’re using your name, your team is not anonymous. What was your reasoning behind developing as a non-anonymous team?

In the crypto a lot of things one obscures unhappily and a lot of rugs!
We are fed up so we want to be as close as possible to the community.
To be as transparent as possible 😉

Uniswap Detective:
Yes, I agree! I know it gives a great deal of confidence to investors especially seeing as though you already had such great success with DESH and means you are fully accountable.

It’s oddly rare in the crypto space to be running the project without being anon so hats to you and the team off for putting your name on the line but it’s clearly paying off with DESH and now SWISS!

Yes exactly and for even more confidence we have the liquidity that is blocked forever.

Uniswap Detective:
So essentially with SWISS it’s impossible to rug, great!

Yes, we burned our LPs tokens

Q6) What are the upcoming plans to decentralize the project?

How will governance be performed, and when is decentralization expected?

Governance is one of the most important aspects when talking about decentralization. You cannot have a completely decentralized project if people cannot vote democratically on the developments and the changes
to be made. Therefore SWISS also serves as a governance token for its ecosystem.

SWISS holders are able to vote on new contract changes. No one can change the contract if the majority has not approved it.
So governance is 100% decentralized.

Uniswap Detective:
Great to hear, that’s what DeFi is all about right!

Yes, it’s very important for us!

Uniswap Detective:
Alright, let’s move onto the last question. After this portion: we will open up the chat to audience questions — Knut will choose which questions to answer.

Q7) Okay, so the last thing we wanted to know was, what does the future hold for $SWISS?

A lot of things! We are in the process of partnering with a renowned Swiss school, I had a conference today in front of students.

Big listings, SWISS.swap, social farming, NFT farming, liquidity loan… Something that has never been created before!

We are not ready to see SWISS again at current prices!

I can’t tell you everything yet…but a lot of things!

Uniswap Detective:
Wow…there’s a lot of things planned even I was not aware of then. Very interesting but don’t leak too much alpha just yet😏

When can we expect such things to go live? I'm sure you have some surprises for the community in the next month?

Yes, we are currently in the process of contacting influencers, setting up the robot, finishing the vote…

Saturday we have the DESH-SWISS pair opening for farming! CoinGecko too.

Uniswap Detective:
Thank you so much, Knut for answering all of our questions in-depth and I’m excited to hear how this progresses especially after hearing what’s to come (Big listings, SWISS.swap, social farming, NFT farming, liquidity loan etc)

We will open it up to audience questions in a couple of minutes time, you will have 2–3 minutes to ask your question, and then Knut will pick three to answer.

Great, thanks to you 😉

Section 2: Community Questions

Q1) You mentioned quite a few new things to come — can you talk more in-depth about any of them as a preview? In particular: I’m curious what Social Farming is!

We cannot reveal much about this aspect, which we hope to be implemented in SWISS soon. This is a feature that has never been used anywhere else and was therefore invented by the SWISS team. This option will help to attract
a very large audience to SWISS and develop a loyal and committed community.

I can’t reveal more unfortunately it’s in development.

Q2) Have you ever been audited? If yes, will you have additional ones?

Yes, we have been audited by 2 companies.

You can find this on our site:

Uniswap Detective:
Great, this is something most investors look for so it seems security is a top priority for you👌

Unable to rug, non-anon team, and audits already completed.

Q3) When I saw Swiss Finance, $SWISS, and HQ in Switzerland, I thought another rebranded USD cryptocurrency has come similar to USDT or USDC etc. Will you act like the flagship cryptocurrency for your country?

We will try!

It’s a very long term objective but my ultimate goal would be to be able to pay for it in Switzerland with DESH and SWISS.

Q4) How many exchanges are you aiming to be listed at the end of the year? What criteria do you have for selecting exchanges nowadays?

For the end of the year, I think we will focus on marketing.
We only want to be listed on major exchanges!

Maybe the beginning of the year 2021! 🚀

Uniswap Detective:
Alright well, it’s time to nearly wrap up as I know you are pushed for time but thank you again Knut!

I know from a FA standpoint SWISS seems to be in a very bullish position when you look at the team's track record, the innovation in your protocol to be sustainable long term, the roadmap ahead (although you cannot leak everything) but the price is yet to reflect this.

We can see by the chart though that people are starting to take notice though which is similar to the trajectory DESH had in the beginning, right?

Exactly, we hope to do the same as DESH!

Uniswap Detective:
I’ll leave it there as it's pushing 5PM but thanks again K
nut for the informative AMA!

Keep building and we all look forward to what’s ahead in terms of the price of SWISS and your many exciting milestones ahead!

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