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6 min readDec 19, 2021

[We were joined by Spencer Tarring, CEO & Founder of GAMESTA

Question 1 :
First, let’s get an overview of the project, can you give us a broad description of what GAMESTA is all about?

Spencer Tarring :
Yes for sure. GAMESTA is a culmination of my 20 years of startups. From IT, to Music, to AV, to Crypto. We initially started with a game, DopeWarz, which is in development, then expanded my investments into Axies and Star Atlas to form a proper guild

The Guild differentiates itself in a few ways, firstly, the ecosystem and autonomous nature of the system which enables players to onboard, play and be rewarded automatically, all whilst using smart contracts to buy back GSG and pay yields to stake holders.

Secondly, the value-added platforms/services we are offering, like the incubation (of some very hot projects we have coming up) and our platform soon to be launched

and finally, I’m a big data guy, so i wanted to incoporate AI & ML tech into the decision making processes for a) purchase of assets and b) activation/deployment, to ensure we get the best possible outcomes and performance

[For context, is the game — which Spencer is the founder of]

Question 2 :
Can you expand on what zinc is? Just so we have a full understanding.

Spencer Tarring :
Sure, it’s like copperlaunch on steroids. A Fair Launch Auction platform, that we vet projects on, and help to deliver raises. We have incorporated a referral system to enable people to get involved in the promotion of the token sale, and we are personally vetting the projects

Question 3 :
So, it’s my understanding that the guild is already operational. Maybe you could tell us about that, and how it’s been going so far?

Spencer Tarring :
We have a test guild operational yes. Approx 1000 axies, around $600k of value, that we are building teh systems around. At the moment I am reluctant to deploy all our raised capital (almost $10m) until we have our platform fully operational. AND I think its prudent during these times to wait for a market correction. There is a lot of bad projects out there, I want to find the right, long term wins to be involved in.

We make approx 100–150% yield on the assets, The plan is that yield is split betweem players, investors and us as a managment fee, using our proprietary smart contract and staking system & $GSG token.

Mission :
Awesome, and you’ll be focusing on fostering a player base in SE Asia, yeah?

Spencer Tarring :
Correct. We are based in Bali, Indonesia, and my focus for the last 2months has been building a world class team to deliver my vision — you can check them out on our website

Question 4 :
Can you give us some concrete ways that ML, AI, and big data will be utilized to optimize the guild’s operations?

Spencer Tarring :
Yes, For ML to work, you need datasets. You normally take that big data, and apply ML to work out millions of potential variances and outcomes — at the moment, nobody is collecting that data in GameFI, we plan to be the first. We are designing the structure on how to collect that data, and then how to apply ML to it to improve decision making processes for the purchase of assets AND for motivating and engaging players, which players for which assets.

Mission :
Basically shifting decisions from intuition & feelings to rely on actual data? So something like which assets are acquired by the guild, which sort of p2e games are invested in, etc?

Spencer Tarring :
Correct. I am extremely bullish on GameFi and a big Bitcoin believer.. but the current state is not healthy. There are many over valued games, that will just disappear very quickly. So part of our strategy at GAMESTA is not to rush into deploying assets

Question 5 :
3. Ok, Let’s dig into the token, which you mentioned earlier. How will the $GSG token be utilized? Maybe also a good time to talk about the Treasury and DAO too.

Spencer Tarring :
Sure. The DAO is the idea to decentralize some or all of the decisions with regards to governance of the treasury. Obviously, initially, this is just not possible since we own the majority of the tokens.

Over a period of time, maturity will happen, and we can establish a DAO, with regards to the utility of the GSG, its main utility is to provide transfer of value between the parties in the ecosystem. Investors → Gamers → Treasury and round again

Question 6 :
Maybe walk us through usage of the platform from a player’s perspective, and as an investor. . . Just so we have a full picture of how it all works.

Spencer Tarring :
As a player: visit the platform, login witih your wallet, view your profile and performance.. get access to the NFTs, and play with them in the games. See leaderboards, get paid.

As an investor: stake tokens for yield, access insiduer information and reports on projects, use zinc to invest in connected projects.

Mission :
And what percentage of profits from playing go to players & what percentage to the guild?

Do you foresee it being difficult to attract players to the guild?

Spencer Tarring :
we charge 20% management.. splits for players are between 30–50% depending on performance, the remainder goes to staker. Buying back GSG obviously drives up its value, too.

Mission :
Yeah, makes sense.

While we’re on the topic of $GSG — can you share info on the sale & which network you guys are on?

Spencer Tarring :
Right now we are in the final few hours of a copperlaunch. We’ve raised nearly $4m on it, plus about $7m in private sale beforehand. we chose the copperlaunch method because for a fund/guild like ours, the token as self-perpetuating value. if you buy it for $1, we have $1 for assets, and therefore the token is worth $1 (on avg). we are actually doing a giveaway for it, 40 GAMEX card NFTs, and 1 mega prize which is a brand new tesla!

Mission :
What will the raised capital be used for?

Spencer Tarring :
development of the platform, and purchase of assets 🙂

Mission :
The majorityof funds will go into assets though, correct? I think this is important because it actually gives real value to the amount raised. Very often it is basically a bad sign when projects raise a ton in the beginning, but for this project: seems there is a very clear benefit.

Spencer Tarring :
Exactly. we have about $2m allocated to platform development and business management over 2 years

Question 7 :
Something that jumped out at me from the WP is this little bit :
“VC investments into exciting projects being added to our community”
So, GAMESTA will be considering the possibility of basically incubating projects? Something like Zinc?

Spencer Tarring :
Yep, we are already incubating two projects, with a 3rd being added. Rendezverse & VRCADE, and one undisclosed. I have a large traditional business network, I have already started and sold many businesses.

VRCADE is a metaverse full of Arcade machines, the business owns IP from capcom and atari, mortal kombat, street fighter etc. Imagine the metaverse where u go in, challenge players on virtual arcade machines

Rendezverse is a exhibition Metaverse, a $1T industry b2b which noone is doing right now.

we incubate and help them raise, providing extra value to the GSG holders. for instance, 3% of tokens from Rendezverse will be owned by GAMESTA in exchange for its services.. that goes onto the balance sheet and is in effect owned by the token holders. When we sell those tokens (if). we will exchange to GSG — driving up the value of GSG.

for connected projects, gaming startups, part of our strategy is to buy seed allcation, so we can get access to the early stage NFTs, providing extra value and economies of scale for our investors. There is a lot going on.

Question 8 :
What can you tell us about the Metaverse gallery & VIP card? I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking at, but looks interesting.

Spencer Tarring :
We have 2 utlity and collectable NFTs, the GAMEX cards, a platinum one (max 2000 minted) and a Black GAMEX card, max 200 minted. They provide 5/15% additional staking uplift, respectively. access to insider sections of the website and guaranteed allocations in our connected projects.

The metaverse gallery is just a simple platform for people to browse and enjoy our collections of assets.