AMA Announcement: Terry Lam from NUTS Finance / acBTC

Hosted in The Selective Telegram Chat on the 3rd December @ 12:00 UTC.

The Selective Ape Community is proud to announce that we will be holding an AMA with Terry Lam from NUTS Finance on the 3rd December @ 12:00 UTC

Join us:

NUTs Finance:

NUTS Finance is building secure, composable and simple to use technology to empower financial applications on the blockchain.

Simply put, this is the development company or engine behind other projects that are developed to target certain markets or sectors. Their first application is acBTC ( and has been developed to target the retail sector.

What is acBTC:

ACoconut BTC (acBTC) provides an entry point for BTC holders to enter the DeFi space and use their BTC as an efficient form of collateral.

The aim of acBTC is to be the most useable form of Bitcoin on Ethereum through three main components. These are ACoconut Swap(acSwap), ACoconut Vault(acVault) and ACoconut BTC(acBTC).


NUTS Finance has a two person team, Daniel & Terry, both of their profiles are pubic as below:

Daniel TANGN:

Terry Lam:

Important links:

NUTs Finance / acBTC:

Website (NUTs Finance):
Website (acBTC):

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